To all who may not know yet out stable has unfortunetly had a positive diagnosis for strangles or otherwise known as streptococcus equi. We have implemented biosecurity measures and are currently in lockdown quarantine. All relevent authorities have been contacted including DPI, RVL, NMIT Kyneton Park. Also emails text mesages and phone calls have been made to owners and local trainers who share our facilties. We are able to take all queries and have been very open and transparent about the situation. While strangles is highly contagious it is also very treatable with no long term affects after recovery. Today in consultation with our vet we took swabs from horses as well as innoculated all horses that were not showing any symptoms. The vaccine does NOT prevent horses from receiving strangles but helps reduce severity and length of recovery. We will endeavour to keep everyone updated as often as possible but please be aware that at this time we are also extremely bust trying to contain the situation to the best of abilities. If we do not answer a call we WILL get back to you at the earliest convienience. We thank everyone for the unbelievable amount of support that is being sent our way it has been truly incredible. The length of time for lockdown will depend on the containment of further cases but will be a minimum of three weeks. We sincerly apologise and obvisiouly we will let everyone know we we have full results of the nasal swabs taken today as to what our situation is. Thank You again.

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