What a racing season it has been with a whirlwind high at the beginning of the year to a frustrating gut wrenching blow at the end of the season. The updates I can provide are limited as it is an incredibly slow process. Which horses may become infected is like watching paint dry and you think you are beginning to see things than doubt if what you are seeing is just the fact that we are being so cautious. I will explain some of the bio security measures in place. We are sanitising changing gloves and dipping feet, headcollars and leads between each box. The concrete area outside each box is being swept and iodined individually. Every piece of gear is being disenfected and all facilites have to be thoroughly disenfected including roll, walker, tye up area, wash bay and feed rooms, etc. As we get closer to being cleared every box will be dug to base thoroughly disenfected and bedding replaced. All waters and feed bins are being cleaned regulary. Temperatures twice daily and reported to our local vet Melissa Harrison from Tony's Practice Woodend, Chief vet Bryan and Zoe from RVL. Rob Montgomery from RVL is in constant contact and the Kyneton Race Club are assisting. On the positive side, finally a positive,  is we have acquired a gallop/treadmill machine from John Meagher which has had updated work done to it due for completion and delivery tomorrow. We will be able to get healthy horses and on and start doing a bit of work trotting and cantering. This is performed under strict bio security. I am sorry for the delayed updates but it is extruciantly slow process that is taking many hours in the day. I will finish with saying the amount of support that has been shown to our team of staff and ourselves has been nothing short of incredible and I thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts as we have really been overwhelmed in what has been one of the toughest roads we have faced. I promise you one thing though when we come back we will come out swinging and the flame will be burning. Thank You

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