Mick, Mel and the team are extremely proud to announce that Mick has won the Bendigo Trainers Premiership for the Year for 2018/19. This is testament to the efforts of our entire team, a thoroughly deserved effort from everyone with some massive wins throughout the year.   

The team want to thank the Bendigo Racing Club for providing so much support on the transfer to the Bendigo base from Kyneton.   The whole environment at Bendigo has been good for Team Sell and more importantly the horses love their new home.   

Onwards and upwards from here is the aim and whilst we’ll never be able to compete with the big boys in terms of city wins, we have plans to upset some of them in the upcoming year with some wins in the big leagues.    

We just love being able to give our owners and their horses individual attention, wins and do it all at around half the cost of the big boys.   Congratulations again to the entire team and Mick on his big win.

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